Outdoor Hanging Bird Feeder Automatic Pet Parrot Portable Feeder Dispenser


1. This bird feeder is made of high-quality plastic. The durable metal top and bottom are reinforced, aging resistant, durable and durable.
2. The transparent case allows you to observe the inner food so that the seeds can be refilled in time.
3. Convenient for birds to eat: birds can feed on sensible sides of the hole and support the habitat of birds.
4. A hanging ring at the top of the bird feeder makes it easy to hang and carry.
5. Ideal for outdoor or indoor use: you can easily feed pets or wild birds and watch them in the afternoon.

Name: Outdoor Bird Feeder
Material: steel wire + organic plastic transparent tube + metal paint
Suitable for: outdoor field park balcony, etc.
Colour: Black
Weight: 167G
Size: 21.5*11*13cm

Package Content:
1 x Hanging Automatic Bird Feeder